Welcome to Kolob Regional Care and Rehabilitation

Kolob Regional Care and Rehabilitation is one of the largest Skilled Nursing Care Communities in Southern Utah. We pride ourselves on being kind, friendly, and welcoming. Whether your stay is short and recuperative or intended for a longer period, each patient or resident is welcomed as a valued individual and is an important part of our community.Our belief is that each person’s care and emotional needs are unique and important. We integrate the clinical, spiritual and social components of daily living to provide high quality care and a high quality of life in a warm and inviting setting.Choosing a health care community can be one of the most difficult and overwhelming decisions one will ever have to make. At Kolob Regional Care and Rehabilitation, we strive to make that decision a little easier.We want you to Experience the Difference. Come in for a tour and meet our friendly staff. Give us a try and see if our care and service will meet or exceed your expectations.

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